What to expect at the Greenmount Beach surf club?

Getting an exotic and serene surfing experience around Gold Coast is the wish of most swimmers and surfers. There are several surf clubs around the area, however, Greenmount beach surf club stands ahead. We will talk about what’s special about the Greenmount beach surf club and the services offered.

An overview of Greenmount beach surf club

This beach surf club can be found on the southern side of the Gold Coast in Australia. It is a nice location that provides a plethora of fun-related services for visitors and members. It is one of the most exciting Maroochydore surf club you can find in the country. You can get tasty meals and drink alcohol and non-alcohol beverages.

It is situated at an elevated landscape where visitors can have a great view of the Gold Coast skyline and hinterland. Visitors can get surf report Gold Coast views at dedicated channel before visiting.

Kids who visit (supervised by an adult) get free drinks every day. From 10 Am, you can get hot coffee and delicious cakes. There are big screens around the club through which you can watch sporting activities. There are also free Wi-Fi services for everyone at the club.

What are the entry requirements for Greenmount Beach surf club?

To access the club, there are several requirements visitors need to respect. The Covid-19 situation required certain approved health instructions. Everybody must present their identity cards at the gate and fill in their various contact tracing data. Also, all visitors are expected to be with their masks and there are scanners at the gate to check everyone.

Moreover, aside the ID card, you should have your membership card or a referral card from a related surfing club before entry is granted. There is a Sunshine beach surf club which streams daily activities at this club.

There are wavers on sporting events and public holidays. Most people usually use a surf forecast Gold Coast before coming for the events. Nevertheless, you are responsible for your safety.

An overview of Greenmount beach surf club

What services are rendered at the Greenmount Beach surf club?

Here are some excellent services at the club:


The bar at the surf club is fully stacked with drinks for all social functions. Either you want some scotch, whiskey or just a cocktail, you will get this at their bar.

Barbecue stalls

There are barbecue stands at the club, but these stands open around 5 in the evening. You get to grilled beef, especially during weekends.


They have a restaurant where visitors can take their meals. Their meals are spicy and affordable. You will get to eat some seafood and meals cuisines from New Zealand and Australia.

Disabled access

For disabled people, there is a specially created place where they can gain entry into the club. Greenmount Beach surf club doesn’t discriminate and offers everyone equal opportunity.

Wi-Fi services

Members can bring their Internet-enabled devices to surf the Web while in the club. These services are free and are offered 24/7. Most people get a surf beach club and a Gold Coast report prior to their attendance for safety reasons.